ClassWallet Reduces Fraud, Saves Time and Is As Well-Liked as Spotify and Coke

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As recent teacher strikes reveal, teacher discontent across the US is high. I purport that most of the discontent is stemming from feelings due to lack of empowerment. As districts combat teacher shortages and look for ways to increase teacher morale, recruitment, and retention, one solution (and much more cost effective than teacher salary negotiation) is to provide teachers with more control over classroom decisions.

Here at ClassWallet, we surveyed our teacher users and received over nine thousand responses, 9,242 to be exact. Teachers across the country gave us their thoughts on ClassWallet. What we found is that teachers think ClassWallet is empowering.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of teachers surveyed said that having real-time access to their balance and spending reports is useful. Seventy percent (70%) said ClassWallet is easier and quicker than other processes the district requires for similar tasks.

As one teacher said, “ClassWallet is a more efficient and easier way for us as teachers and the district to assure that the funds the teachers are receiving are used solely for the students learning, educational and classroom needs.”

CEO, ClassWallet


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ClassWallet Reduces Fraud, Saves Time and Is As Well-Liked as Spotify and Coke

At the end of each year we encourage our customers to give us their thoughts. Here are some takeaways:
71% told us ClassWallet reduces fraud.
65% said ClassWallet saves “a lot” or “a great deal” of time for their administrators.
Our customers gave us a Net Promoter Score (NPS) score that puts us at the same referral willingness level as Spotify and Coca Cola! NPS is a universal standard that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others.*
And a couple of quotes:
ClassWallet has saved our accounts payable and payroll department a substantial amount of time in processing.
ClassWallet allows greater purchasing flexibility for the majority of our teachers while maintaining control of the process and excellent documentation.
* Based on a 24 NPS score;
ClassWallet for Multiple Budget Item Reconciliations

When asked about the best use for ClassWallet, our customers rated the below starting with the most useful:
(Tie) Instructional supply
State and local grants
Student activity accounts
(Tie) Professional development
PTA and other donations
Title I and other federal grants
“A Teacher’s Dream” – 11 Reasons ClassWallet Makes A Big Difference for Teachers

From our users:

ClassWallet is a lifesaver.

ClassWallet is a phenomenal resource for teachers who need support and funding to enhance their classrooms and activities!

ClassWallet is an easy way to get classroom supplies quickly and without all the paperwork and handling…and you always know what your balance is.

ClassWallet is a much easier way to buy what you need. Just go online, add to your cart, purchase, and comes right to your school. No sending receipts or worrying about anything.

I liked BEST how easy it was to upload receipts and be reimbursed. The process was painless and allowed me to feel I was getting the most out of the monies I was provided.

I like the funds being available immediately rather than spending personal funds for reimbursements.

I like that I can place an order myself and not have to wait for the bookkeeper to do it for me.

I like the ability to submit receipts and being reimbursed for things I purchase at the best deals I can find, in person, and with the ability to truly choose where I am going to find the best deal.

ClassWallet is a great way to circumvent district red tape in order to be able to spend money on what your class and students need when they need it.

The best feature is the convenience of not having to provide receipts or keep track of them.

ClassWallet is convenient, easy and user-friendly. It allows you to make budgeting decisions for your classroom or school much easier and you can keep track of spending.

How the Finance Office Can Alleviate Ohio’s Teacher Shortage Problems

Providing teachers more control over classroom decisions is far more financially effective and efficient than trying to find ways to boost teacher salaries.

By Jamie Rosenberg and Max McGee

If a teacher were choosing employment between two districts and District A gave each teacher a classroom budgeting tool that contained some funds for supplies, easy access to crowdfunding tools, additional funding that may originate from federal or local grants or PTA, and District B did not, what district do you think the teacher will choose to work for?

Read the rest over at the Ohio Association of School Business Officials website found here.

Preventing P-Card Abuse & Fraud in Your District

$377 Billion P-Card Use Projected by the end of 2018
Fraud and audit violations often happen in organizations that use Procurement-cards (P-Cards). One reason is that P-Card fraud and misuse can be difficult to recognize until it ends up in the news. Internal controls are meant to decrease fraud and abuse, however, P-Card purchasing data is limited. This is one reason the misuse of funds occurs as frequently as it does. Reconciliation reviews and monthly reports can identify suspicious activity, but don’t stop the fraud from occurring.

Read the rest on the ClassWallet blog here.

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