How To Keep & Retain The Millennial Teacher

We sat down with international education consultant Jennifer Abrams to discuss what is needed for schools to keep and retain the millennial teacher and help this generation thrive.  Millennials make up the largest percentage of teachers, yet only 6% of superintendents think their district understands the needs of millennial teachers

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The overall story for release is one of minor enhancements important enough for attention and deployment in advance of our next major release. Big Story items: The biggest story points in this release are some fixes to our new multi-level approval application and some infrastructure development to receive shipping notifications from our eCommerce vendors. … Continue reading “Release”

Do You Know What Motivates Millennial Teachers?

Hint: It’s not purchase orders, requisition forms and receipts. Millennials are the largest generation in the US labor force today.  That means 1 in 3 workers are now millennials and those entering school systems are not being supported in a way that is useful to their skills and needs.

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