ClassWallet and GoFundMe Announce Partnership to Align Teachers and Districts on Fundraising Efforts

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ClassWallet and GoFundMe Announce Partnership to Align Teachers and Districts on Fundraising Efforts


MIAMI,  October 9, 2018 — ClassWallet and GoFundMe have joined forces combining two best-in-class solutions to give teachers and school districts robust fundraising capabilities, while adhering to district administration requirements. Over the years, teachers, students, and schools have turned to GoFundMe, the world leader in social fundraising, and the education category is one of the fastest growing on the platform. ClassWallet is the country’s leading classroom spend tracking platform.

Through this partnership, teachers are able to take advantage of the GoFundMe fundraising tools while district administrators receive necessary oversight capabilities.

Each year, teachers spend up to $600 of their own money purchasing materials for their classroom while school district budget cuts have made classroom resources more scarce. To compensate, teachers often turn to GoFundMe for community support. However, school districts seek transparency into how the donated funds are being used in the classroom. GoFundMe and ClassWallet have partnered to solve this problem.

Jamie Rosenberg, the CEO of ClassWallet is no stranger to crowdfunding. Jamie founded in 1998, which is often considered the first crowdfunding site on the Internet. Jamie says, “By giving more comfort to district administrators, we empower more teachers to use GoFundMe and get much-needed community support. Our partnership with GoFundMe provides unprecedented accountability to the process.”

ClassWallet users are able to create projects and start a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the specific project. School administrators can review the ClassWallet projects and campaigns before they go live. All donated funds on GoFundMe are distributed to the school district bank account, so the district is able to maintain complete oversight. ClassWallet also provides administrators the ability to approve or reject items teachers want to purchase with donated funds. Campaigns started through ClassWallet will have access to the powerful features which have made GoFundMe the go-to destination for fundraising—including fast set-up, social sharing tools, renowned customer support, GoFundMe Guarantee, and a free platform.

“Through our partnership with ClassWallet, we’re excited to bring social fundraising to more teachers and schools in need,” says Meagan Martin, GoFundMe Partnership Marketing. “We’ve seen teachers successfully use GoFundMe for a variety of classroom needs and we’re looking forward to expanding our offering to even more districts.”

As Rick Reucher, the Director of Finance and Accounting for Toledo Public School district, explains, “We are excited to be Ohio’s first School District to partner with ClassWallet and take advantage of all that ClassWallet has to offer. The crowdfunding capabilities associated with their GoFundMe partnership, the efficiency and practicality of the small transaction branch of the platform, and the time and cost savings associated with the reimbursement feature made the decision to use ClassWallet a “no-brainer” for Toledo Public Schools.”

ClassWallet is used in over 2,400 schools and 85,000 classrooms across 15 states. Since its inception, GoFundMe has raised over $5 billion dollars by more than 50 million donors.

About ClassWallet 
ClassWallet is a leading digital solution that streamlines procurement workflow by replacing the manual, time-intensive tasks of collecting receipts, reconciling invoices, and making vendor and reimbursement payments by digitizing and automating those processes. The platform combines a virtual wallet, funds disbursement, integrated ecommerce marketplace, reimbursement management, declining balance reloadable debit card, and ACH payment in a fully integrated manner designed for maximum simplicity and accountability. For more information about ClassWallet, please visit

About GoFundMe 
Launched in 2010, GoFundMe is the world’s largest free social fundraising platform, with over $5 billion raised so far. With a community of more than 50 million donors, GoFundMe is changing the way the world gives. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.