ClassWallet Partners with Stride Bank for its Prepaid Mastercard

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I’m encouraged. The past few weeks I have been meeting with state legislators and offices of state superintendents. It is becoming abundantly clear that more emphasis is being placed on giving teachers more say in classroom-related procurement.

Most states earmark amounts for classroom related purchases. Very few states legislatively mandate that teachers get direct access to those funds. As a result, most procurement decisions are removed from teachers’ evolving everyday needs.

This dynamic contributes to teacher disenfranchisement. Legislators and senior officials are beginning to understand this. I expect to see a growing trend of new policies requiring teachers have more direct access to state funding, further decentralizing procurement. This will be a win-win. Teachers will be able to meet student needs more successfully and feel more in control of classroom decisions.

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Exciting News

ClassWallet Partners with Stride Bank for its Prepaid Mastercard

ClassWallet is pleased to announce a new partnership with Stride Bank and Mastercard to issue the ClassWallet prepaid debit card. We’re excited to work with our new issuing bank and give the convenience of the ClassWallet platform with the Mastercard network. In addition, we’ve built in even more real-time funding controls to provide our customers with the most innovative prepaid card on the market.

EdSurge Report Includes ClassWallet as a Solution for Crowdfunding Challenges
EdSurge Research showcased ClassWallet’s GoFundMe integration in a recently released report highlighting the problems K-12 educators face when using crowdfunding. Click here to read more about how the platform addresses fundraising goals for teachers, schools and districts.

Big Thank Yous for Our Lunch and Learn Hosts

We’d like to send a shout out to Kim Lake in Levy County and Gretchen Saunders in Hillsborough County for donating their time and insight at our February lunch and learns, as well as to Michele White from the Florida Association of School Administrators (FASA) for joining us. In conjunction with our CEO, Jamie Rosenberg, they explained how ClassWallet helps manage Classroom Supply Assistance Program (CSAP) funds, the benefits teachers and administrators have experienced with the platform, and answered questions from other school district guests.

ClassWallet Welcomes Our Newest Clients

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