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We're making everyone's lives easier one dollar at a time.

After creating, Jamie Rosenberg discovered a unique insight – getting funding to teachers and schools, and tracking it is much harder than it should be. Teachers don’t have the time to manage cash, checks, receipts and forms. School district and school administrators, education foundations, and PTAs spend a ridiculous amount of time reconciling paperwork and receipts even for the smallest of transactions, and stress about the audit each year.

The understanding and obsession with solving this problem is what makes us tick. We know that if we can simplify the incredibly frustrating process of solving for classroom needs, our students will be smarter, and administrators and teachers will all be happier.


Jamie Rosenberg, ClassWallet CEO
Jamie Rosenberg

ClassWallet Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about helping education; Serial entrepreneur; Quit M&A law to dedicate career to helping teachers; Founder of, which has helped teachers in 1/3 of schools in the US and improved the learning environment for 3.5mm children

Neil Steinhardt, ClassWallet Co-Founder & President
Neil Steinhardt

ClassWallet Co-Founder & President

Twenty years as financial technology and payments leader; Former CEO of Skrill USA and General Manager of


Eddie Butler

Vice President, Engineering

Melody Page, ClassWallet Vice President, Sales
Melody Page


Ana Lauren Pamintuan, Direction of Operations
Ana Lauren Pamintuan

Director of Operations

Sujey Acuna

Customer Success Community Manager

Teresa Vitieri
Teresa Viteri


C Parkhurst
Christie Parkhurst

Ecommerce Manager

Lydia Vazquez


Willis Fernandez

Vendor Accounts

Stephanie DuMercy

Customer Accounts Representative