Coronavirus Update

At ClassWallet we continue to operate as before, with our employees working remotely. We are taking issues surrounding COVID-19 very seriously and are well positioned to support our customers and users going forward.

Have Questions?

Learn more about how ClassWallet can help your organization manage and control spending for staff operating remotely, or you can contact us.

Current Users:

  • Administrators: please contact your account manager directly for any of your needs
  • Teachers and parents: use our support portal for more information and to contact us

What else you should know about

  • The Platform: The ClassWallet platform, and all of our supporting platforms, remain accessible and are not vulnerable to virus-related shut downs. We have redundancies in place for every significant system and will continue to support business functions.
  • Third Parties: We have been working with our 3rd party providers to understand any potential impact on their services, while developing contingency plans to avoid any disruption to business processes. As of now, we anticipate no disruption.