Classroom Spend Management

Flexible spending allocations to teachers online.

Configure spending tools best suited for your organizational needs.

Consolidate all your classroom-level expenditure tracking through one single, paperless platform.

ClassWallet Ecommerce for Teachers


Users Can: Shop online and checkout without the
need of a credit card.

ClassWallet Gives You: Automated SKU-level
reconciliation of every purchase, and pre-approval workflow if desired.

ClassWallet is used in 135,000 classrooms across 3,000 schools


Users Can: Submit receipts electronically.

ClassWallet Gives You: Digitized receipts and
automated ACH direct deposit reimbursement capabilities.

ClassWallet Phone App
Data Integration

Data Integration

Users Can: Do all of the above through one
consolidated platform.

ClassWallet Gives You: Reconciled data that integrates
with any accounting or ERP software.

ClassWallet is used for non-profits, state government and scholarships

Used in 165,000 classrooms across 3,600 schools, nonprofits, and state government agencies.

ClassWallet is an SOC-certified organization

ClassWallet is a SOC-certified organization
that has been audited by an independent third-party compliance firm and accredited to have the
appropriate SOC safeguards and procedures in place. This rigorous process ensures that we can
provide our clients with the highest amount of security and reliability standards

Miami Dade

Birmingham City Schools
Park City School District

ClassWallet Testimonials


ClassWallet Video Testimonials

Why Our Customers Love Us

Video Testimonials

District CFO and Auditor explain why they use ClassWallet

Miami-Dade County & Mobile County Public Schools

Fiscal Services Senior Director
“ClassWallet provides more control with less paper.”

Mountain View School District

“ClassWallet enables teachers to meet student needs more

Mountain View School District

Business Services Director,
“ClassWallet reduces dependency on purchase cards.”

Ascension Parish School Board

“ClassWallet implementation is simple.”

Ascension Parish School Board

Add Flexibility to Your Accounting Software

Baldwin County School District
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