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The teacher named herein referred to as “Accountholder” is requesting a New Mexico Teacher’s Supply Program (NMTSP) ClassWallet Account to purchase classroom supplies. As the only authorized accountholder, the Accountholder agrees to accept the responsibility for the protection and proper use of the NMPED’s Small Purchase Program Account in accordance with the terms and conditions below:
1. Accountholder understands the NMTSP Account is for government-approved purchases only and agrees not to charge personal expenses. Accountholder agrees to purchase authorized commodities for official school classroom supply purposes. (Personal items may not be purchased at any time.)
2. Accountholder agrees to abide by the terms of the Statement of Understanding and the New Mexico Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of conduct. Improper use of this account will be considered misappropriation of government funds, which may result in disciplinary action including revocation of educational licenses.
3. Accountholder agrees to register and activate the account online.
4. Accountholder agrees to retain all supporting receipts from merchants for three years.
5. If an accountholder transfers employment, resigns, retires or is fired, the Accountholder must retain all supporting documentation from any purchases made through the account and all materials/supplies purchased will remain with the original school site.
6. As the Accountholder, I understand that I will be required to comply with internal control procedures designed to protect government/public funds. This may include being asked to produce the account records and/or access to validate its existence and account number. I may also be asked to produce receipts and statements to audit its use. The Accountholder must maintain receipts for all purchases for at least three (3) years.
7. Backorders are not allowed. (Ensure that all commodities are received by March 31, 2019)
8. Accountholder agrees not to request/provide cash advances. (Cash advances are not allowed.)
9. Accountholder agrees not to charge travel-related expenses to the teacher supply account. (NO travel-related expenses are allowed.)
10. Accountholder agrees if access to the account is compromised, he/she will notify Customer Service by telephone at (877) 969-5536. Accountholder will confirm the telephone call by email or facsimile to be provided upon request.
11. Accountholder must notify the appropriate school/district administrator of any items purchased that the District/Charter may require to be placed on the District’s or Charter’s fixed asset inventory.
12. Accountholder cannot sell or share this account with anyone.
13. The charges made against my account are automatically assigned to the district/charter cost code assigned to the account as specified by the Public Education Department (PED). This code cannot be changed without PED approval. If changed, the new accounting code will not affect any charges
made prior to the change, but will affect future charges.
14. Accountholder understands the NMTSP Account is not a right of all employees but a privilege. My account may be revoked for any misuse of funds and punishable under NMSA 1978, § 13-1-199. Any business or person that willfully violates the procurement code is guilty of a misdemeanor if the transaction involves fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or less.
I certify that I have read and fully understand the above terms and conditions and I hereby agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the New Mexico Teacher’s Classroom Supply Agreement, the Statement of Understanding, Public Education Department and the New Mexico Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, as well as, any school district’s/charter’s policies and procedures pursuant to NMSA 1978, §13-1-28 thru 13-1-196 (“Procurement Code”). I understand that I will be held personally responsible for any purchase made that is not in compliance with these policies and procedures. I also understand that my district or charter may impose additional restrictions and that I will abide by any and all such requirements. In addition to being personally liable for any charges not in compliance, I understand that failure to follow the established procedures for use of the account may result in either the revocation of my privileges or other disciplinary actions, up to and including revocation of my educator license. Accountholder / authorized user acknowledges by his/her signature to his/her agreement below that he/she agrees to comply with the terms and conditions stated above.