Spend Management 2.0


Allocate budgets, stipends, grants, and vouchers online.

Configure spending tools best suited for your organizational needs.

Consolidate all your school-level expenditure tracking through one single, paperless platform.



Users Can: Shop online and checkout without the need of a credit card.

ClassWallet Gives You: Automated SKU-level reconciliation of every purchase, and pre-approval workflow if desired.



Users Can: Submit receipts electronically.

ClassWallet Gives You: Digitized receipts and automated ACH direct deposit reimbursement capabilities.

Declining Balance Debit Card


Users Can: Pay for goods, services, and travel off-platform.

ClassWallet Gives You: Automated and digitized receipt collection and reconciliation.

Data Integration


Users Can: Do all of the above through one consolidated platform.

ClassWallet Gives You: Reconciled data that integrates with any accounting or ERP software.

Used in 63,000 classrooms across 2,000 schools, and nonprofits, state government and scholarship granting agencies.

You’re in excellent company


"The BEST thing about ClassWallet is that it keeps the detail of what has been purchased, so no one has to keep up with receipts. ClassWallet also provides an approval process, which can be different for each school, which our prior system did not have. Our users LOVE ClassWallet because they can use it anywhere, anytime with an internet connection, they do not have to keep up with receipts, and there are no reports to file."

Diane Allison, CPA, CGMA, CGFO, CLSBABusiness Services Director, Ascension Parish School Board

"ClassWallet has created a solution to a problem that we never thought could be resolved."

Adam FriendSuperintendent, Harrington Park School District

"ClassWallet has freed up my time, and the time of my staff, allowing us to focus more on our core functions. That is incredibly valuable to us."

Avery FordChief School Financial Officer, Conecuh County School District

Why Our Customers Love Us

Video Testimonials

District CFO and Auditor explain why they use ClassWallet

Miami-Dade County & Mobile County Public Schools

Fiscal Services Senior Director, “ClassWallet provides more control with less paper.”

Mountain View School District

“ClassWallet enables teachers to meet student needs more effectively.”

Mountain View School District

Business Services Director, “ClassWallet reduces dependency on purchase cards.”

Ascension Parish School Board

“ClassWallet implementation is simple.”

Ascension Parish School Board

Add Flexibility to Your Accounting Software

Baldwin County School District


Case Studies

Newark Public Schools

Fund Disbursement & Tracking

Newark Public Schools, the largest and one of the oldest school systems in New Jersey, needed an efficient way to distribute grant funds to 58 principals and more than 2,800 teachers. The grant, administered by the Foundation for Newark's Future, gave every teacher access to $100 to buy classroom supplies, and every principal access to $7,500 to bolster student instruction.

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Palm Beach County School District

Grant Distribution & Student Activities

Judy Oates is a teacher in the School District of Palm Beach County, the 12th largest school district in the United States. Judy had secured a grant through the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County which uses ClassWallet to distribute its grants to teachers. By using ClassWallet to access grant funds, Judy would be able to pay for items that she wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

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Real World Scholars

Grant Disbursement & Tracking

Real World Scholars is a grant-making foundation that provides funding to teachers, allowing them to create studentrun businesses that operate from within the classroom.  Real World Scholars needed a practical way of distributing grant funds to more than 250 education corporations across the country. They also needed a platform that would allow them to scale their grant-making processes.

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Conecuh County Board of Education

Distribution and Tracking of Classroom Instructional Funds

Conecuh County Board of Education is a small, rural school district located in southern Alabama. Made up of six schools and one alternative site, the district serves nearly 1,500 students.  The district needed a faster and more efficient way to distribute classroom instructional funds to teachers.

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