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Better Oversight.
No Paperwork.
Awesome Culture.

While maintaining oversight, ClassWallet’s suite of solutions streamlines back-office operations and empowers teachers, maintenance crew, and parents to purchase resources in an agile, flexible manner cultivating a culture where people want to be.

No more paper receipts. No more manual reconciliation. No more tedious work.


A virtual wallet for teachers to purchase classroom supplies.


A virtual wallet for schools to access federal grants, and purchase
goods and services.


A virtual wallet for grant and scholarship recipients to pay for
tuition, goods and services.


A virtual wallet for maintenance crews to quickly buy the supplies
they need.

ClassWallet User Permissions

ClassWallet collects and digitizes receipts and automates the reconciliation and payments

improving processes that your ERP or accounting platform may not do efficiently.

ClassWallet App

ClassWallet Digitizes Receipts
ClassWallet Saves Time

You save office administrators, students, teachers, families and maintenance crews countless hours while mitigating risk and fraud

and convert processes that took weeks or months into days or real-time.

Give a ClassWallet account

to your teachers, schools, maintenance crews, and families.

Give ClassWallet

ClassWallet User Permissions
ClassWallet User Permissions

You Control User Permissions

to shop online, submit receipts for reimbursement or have access to a debit card.

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