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ClassWallet saves 15 minutes of bookkeeping time per transaction. Reconciling teacher receipts, club expenditures and reimbursements consume a lot of time and resources.  That’s what we focus on so you can focus on more important things.

One platform to manage teacher receipts and reimbursements that reconciles with every accounting platform.

Collect & Digitize Receipts

Reconcile & Pay Invoices

Reconcile Purchase Card Transactions

Automate Reimbursements

Manage Small Purchases

You control user permissions

to shop online, access a declining balance debit card, submit receipts for a reimbursement, or crowdfund donations.

ClassWallet collects and digitizes receipts and automates the reconciliation and payments

improving processes that your ERP or accounting platform may not do efficiently.


You save bookkeepers and teachers countless hours while mitigating risk and fraud

and convert processes that took weeks or months into days or real-time.

Give a ClassWallet account

to your teachers, clubs, schools, staff, bookkeepers and coaches.

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