Paper Trail. Without the Paper.


Seamlessly allocate spending and track purchases without paperwork or receipts.

Trusted by leading school districts, education funds and non-profits

Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork

Eliminate paper and receipts from your purchase tracking and reimbursement processes.

Minimize Administrative Overhead

Automate purchasing, payments, charges, reimbursements, and reconciliation in a single platform.

Better Tracking and Processes

SKU level reporting of every purchase and digitzed copies of every receipt accessible through user friendly reports.

Streamline Funds Allocation

Empower more stakeholders to make purchases while maitaining centralized control and accountability.

Core Features on a Single Platform

You’re in good company!

"ClassWallet has created a solution to a problem that we thought could never be resolved. It is giving me the ability to lead my district rather than manage a problem."

Adam FriedSuperintendent, Harrington Park School District

"ClassWallet is a seamless mechanism for dispersing funds that are critical to the needs of students in a manner that allowed Newark Public Schools to have safeguards around how those dollars were spent."

Sherese WardSenior Manager in the Office of the Superintendent for Newark Public Schools

"The assistance I received from the ClassWallet team was phenomenal. They were so incredibly helpful, and I was able to get everything I needed done in time for the performance."

Judy OatesTeacher, Palm Beach County Public Schools


Winner of Education Industry Associate Innovation Lab